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BJP is doing religion and caste politics: SP

Allahabad: Samajwadi Party (SP) has accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of doing religion and caste politics to gain power. The BJP, which has gained power by making false promises of development, is doing politics in the name of religion and caste. In the power of power, the BJP has done the job of victimizing unemployed, poor, farmers, dalit and exploited etc. It has done the task of showing only the public the power to reach the chair of power.

SP District Spokesperson Dan Bahadur Singh ‘Madhudur said, that the BJP forgets that the recurrence of 2014 will be. The promises made by the people have not been fulfilled but apart from the increase in the prices of diesel-gasoline, gas etc., the work of cutting the waist has been done. He said that none of the sections of the BJP’s policies were left to be affected. In the year 2019, the people of the country will calculate and throw the BJP out of the country’s power.

Singh said that the anger of the development of the government and the government of the state is increasing rapidly but its development is not visible on the ground. Employment is unemployed and the people are inclined. How long will the rhetoric continue? The public has now realized that the BJP is only a party of promises, it is not his work to fulfill it. The BJP government of the state failed on all points. The forest is in the state. Murder, rape, robbery is not taking a fall. The fear of the police is over in the criminals. Do not be scared of committing crime on the day of crime, they are very proud.

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