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When a little cat named Shi Fu was walking along a balcony on the sixth floor of a building in Bangkok, Thailand, it suddenly slipped and fell. The 20-pound (approximately 9-kilogram) cat crashed into the rear windshield of an empty car but fortunately survived with a few injuries.

Cat falls from sixth floor and crashes into a car’s window.(Facebook/@Apiwat Toyothaka)

The staff at the apartment block called the car owner, Apiwat Toyothaka. Upon arriving at the scene, he saw his car’s broken glass and Shi Fu’s owner, who was holding the injured cat, The Metro reported. The cat was later taken to the vet, who reported several bruises, two broken claws, and a swollen nose, but no life-threatening injuries.
Apiwat Toyothaka shared about the incident on their Facebook and wrote, “At 7 am, Niti called to inform that there was a cat in the car. I was confused. Why did it fall into the car? They said the cat 8.5 kg fell from the 6th floor and broke the back glass.”
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This post was shared on May 27. Since being posted, it has been liked over 24,000 times and has received several comments.Check out a few reactions below:An individual wrote, “Poor ba.” A second added, “It must have hurt.” “Oh no,” shared a third.

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