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Charge-Opposition: Shivraj, BJP, who is attacking Congress bids himself, told Khasiani cat

Khandwa: On the attack on CM’s visit to CM Shivraj Singh, the Congress says that the public meeting of CM is no longer being contested, so he is throwing stones and shoes on himself to stay in the discussion and is blaming it on Congress . At the same time, the BJP has also termed the Congress as a Khasiany cat by press conference.

State Congress media in-charge Ravi Saxena accused the Shivraj Singh government that the BJP is making unrestrained allegations against Congress to hide its failure. He said that wherever the Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh’s visit to Janarasharwad, green trees are being cut in the same way. Not only that, wherever the Chief Minister goes, roads are being filled in roads and roads are not being constructed.

Describing the incident of stone throwing and throwing stones at CM’s chariot as Shivraj’s stunt, he said that the public is not reaching the people’s tour, hence the Chief Minister wants to stay in the discussions by attacking himself.

The BJP, on the other hand, also attacked the Congress and described the Congress as a Khasiani cat. BJP’s former state president and Khandwa MP Nandkumar Singh Chauhan, while holding the Congress on the stone throwing incident said that Congress is like a cat, Khinsian cat catches and Congress throws stones.

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