China’s Communist Party Central Committee – who’s in, who’s out

China’s ruling Communist Party on Tuesday announced a new Central Committee, the largest of its elite ruling bodies, at the closing session of the 19th Communist Party Congress, a course-setting leadership reshuffle held every five years.

The list provides clues to who will, or won’t, fill top party positions during President Xi Jinping’s second term. The party will announce its new Politburo Standing Committee, which now includes seven members headed by Xi and is the apex of power in China. It will be selected by the new Central Committee, around midday on Wednesday.

Here are the noteworthy names:

– Wang Qishan, 69, the anti-corruption tzar and current Standing Committee member, is not on the new Central Committee, ending months of speculation whether he would remain for another term and break an unofficial retirement rule of not taking a new position after age 68.

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