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CM to come to district on August 21, 22 in Mandsaur

Mandsaur.The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Chief Minister, Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan will arrive in the district on August 21 and reach Mandsaur on August 22. During the two-day visit of the CM, Mandsaur and Neemuch will go through all the legislative assemblies in the district. During this time, there will be a big meeting of CM in every assembly, then the CM will organize Rath Sabha in all the big villages and towns of the Route. However, the District President is not informed by the District BJP about the information so far, but according to the information, the date has also been fixed after the travel route. The BJP has started preparing all types of preparations for the visit of CM.

Not only this, the preoccupation of preparations and preparations for the coming of the senior leaders of the state government has started. There is a month’s time remaining, but the BJP has already started preparations for the widespread preparation.

It will be traveling to CM
The Chief Minister will start his journey from Jalandhar assembly seat of Ratlam district on August 21. Who will enter the district from the Suvasara assembly constituency of Mandsaur district, which will be an alot. Traveling from Garoth, Bhanpura, Shamgarh to here will reach Gandasagar. Where the night is over. Next day, Manasa, Javad, Neemuch of Neemuch district and then reaching Mandsaur, Malhargarh, Pipaliya, on the border of Mandsaur district, will travel to Mandsaur the next day. It’s time for more than a month now, but the BJP has started preparations right now.

Every assembly will have a large gathering and many chariots
BJP District President Devi Lal Dhakad said that after August 20, the journey will come in the district after August 20. Every assembly will have a large meeting of the CM. Apart from this, every big town and town-village will visit the Route. There will be a chariot assembly of CM. Prior to the visit, from the ministers of the state government to the big leaders of the organization, they will come in the district to test the preparations for the journey. However, his rounds have not yet come. The BJP has divided each and every arrangement with the charge of the journey from the charge of charge to the co-operative and the night organizing and also in charge of the meetings. Preparations are being made while reaching village village and reaching the booth level with the aim of bringing CM during the visit.

Congress visit will come after CM visit
After the visit of CM’s visit to the district, the Polkhol Tour of the Congress will also come in the district. The Congress will travel behind CM’s journey behind the pole shell journey. However, the program has not come up with it in the district yet. District President Prakash Raradia said that the Congress will keep the reality of the Shivraj Sarkar with the failure of the BJP government to mislead the people through its travels, from the false assurances to the failure on every front. After the visit of CM, the Congress trip will come out, but its program has not come yet.

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