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CM Yogi Adityanath reached Gorakhpur, will be involved in many religious programs

Gorakhpur Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has reached Gorakhpur on Wednesday to participate in religious rituals at the Gorakhnath temple in the Shardi Navaratri. He will establish the Kalash in the Shakti temple located at Gorakhnath temple. In Navaratri, he will spend six days in Gorakhnath temple. All the priests, Mahants, Vedpathis, etc. of the Gorakhnath Temple family, including the chief priest of the temple will be included in the Kalash Yatra under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Kamal Nath. This Shobha Yatra will leave from the main temple premises and reach Bhim Sarovar between the words of the Vedic Manglik Mantras. After filling the water in the Kalash, the Kalash will be installed in the Shakti Mandir.

Tomorrow will go to Lucknow, then 16 will come

The Chief Minister will depart for Lucknow on Thursday morning. Even in the absence of CM, every day in the Gorakhnath temple from Pratipada to the ninth, the story of Shrimadevi Bhagavat and the text of Durga Saptashati will be held from 4 to 6 pm. The Ashtami will take place on October 16 after 10.30 in the day. Other people will do Ashtami Pooja after sunrise on October 17 but due to the tradition of temple due to the Ashtami meeting at night, Mahanishsha will worship and worship the Chief Minister in the temple on the night of October 16. For this, they will come to the temple by the evening of October 16. On October 17, they will also offer prayers at the temple. On October 18, greatwami will be celebrated with reverence. On this day, the Yogi will complete the Kanya Poojaan and the Kanya Bhoj with reverence from 12 o’clock. After washing the feet of the girls and giving the clothes, they will feed everyone with their hands.

19 will be included in the victory procession, 20 will be left in Lucknow

On October 19, at the day of Vijaya Dashmi, worship of Shrinathji in the temple of Chief Minister from 9:25 am On this day, the monk saint and devotee Tilak of the Nath sect will recite the gaurakshapithadhishwar Yogi Adityanath. This program will run from one to three o’clock in the day. After that, after riding in an open jeep from 4 o’clock, the Yogi will depart for the Mansarovar temple along with the victory procession, where Lord Shankar will worship all gods and goddesses as a traditional way. From here, he will reach the Mansarovar Ramlila Maidan and take the aarti by tilak of the legend, Puram Purushottam Lord Shriram. After this victory will be returned to the temple again with the procession. At seven o’clock in the Gorakhnath temple, a banquet will be held with the saints, Brahmins and the poor, Narayan. Chief Minister leaves for Lucknow on October 20 for Lucknow

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