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Congress has two reasons not to support Rahul Gandhi in the motion of no confidence debate

While everyone, including the Congress, was perplexed by Rahul Gandhi’s refusal to open the discussion, the decision was a last-minute improvisation given the BJP’s clear strategy to do so. spoiled their back party, his first speech within a day after restoring his LS membership.

Sources said Congress noticed two major shortcomings earlier in the day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is believed to be Rahul’s target, was not in the House of Commons as the discussion approached. When party members reported that he might not be in his office in parliament either, congressional strategists reconsidered. In addition, Congress learned that the second speaker in the discussion was BJP Congressman Godda Nishikant Dubey – whom the party sees as an attempt to cover their tracks due to the member’s history with Congress and the Gandhis .

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