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TV editor arrested for ‘false and misleading’ publication of Nuh violence

The editor of a Hindi news channel was arrested by Gurugram police on Friday for allegedly sharing inciting messages on social media about community violence in Nuh and other Indian districts.

Mukesh Kumar, the resident editor of Sudarshan News, was arrested at Area 17 of Gurugram, police said. Initially, the channel claimed that Mr Kumar had been “kidnapped” by “idiots”. However, Gurugram Police released a statement clarifying that he was arrested by the Cybercrime Division.

Six people were killed in clashes that broke out in Muslim-majority Nuh, on July 31, when a Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) procession was attacked by a mob. Those killed included two house guards and a salesman.

Mr Kumar tweeted that Gurugram police had taken action against “Hindu activists” due to pressure from Qatar-based news channel Al Jazeera. He alleges that foreign media phoned Police Commissioner Gurugram Kala Ramachandran to ask him to take action against Hindus involved in community riots.

“@AJENews (Al Jazeera News Channel) called Police Commissioner Gurgaon and urged her to take action against Hindus. And after receiving the call, @DC_Gurugram was under too much pressure so she must act. Hindu activists from anywhere,” he said. Kumar’s August 8 message was read. Gurugram police called Mr Kumar’s post “baseless, false and misleading” before filing a lawsuit against him under relevant sections of the Computer Law.

Speaking to FIR, Sudarshan News reported that Mr. Kumar had come to Mewat to help Hindu warriors. The channel claims that Mr Kumar was kidnapped by “idiots” from his car in Sector 17 of Gurugram.

“This arrest is completely illegal and wrong. Sudarshan News supports Mukesh Kumar ji and views the arrest as an attack on media freedom,” the channel wrote on Twitter.

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