Cops catch men having party at girls’ hostel

RAIPUR: A late night farewell party at a government girls’ hostel landed the hostel staff in trouble when Pendra administration and police raided the place and found superintendents of boys’ and girls’ hostel dancing amid loud music, leaving the safety of young girls at risk. Girls who had to appear for their exams on Monday were reportedly found serving the guests with snacks.

The pre-metric government girls’ hostel located at Marwahi region housing nearly 27-30 girls of Class 7 to 10 was raided around 10.30 pm on Sunday based on complaints made by the locals, Marwahi police inspector SR Sahu said.
There were complaints that the superintendents of neighbouring boys’ and girls’ hostel were having a party with DJ blaring in the surrounding and the girls were asked to help in serving them food.

On reaching the spot, there was no DJ found which the girls said that they had packed up as it started raining.
“When the police team reached, the party was almost over but there were five male superintendents of boys’ hostel along with three female superintendents who had come to bid a farewell to the Marwahi hostel superintendent. Presence of males in girls’ hostel that too for celebration without permission is forbidden and violation of stringent rules for a girls’ hostel,” Sahu added.

Immediately the men were taken into custody and although they claimed there were no liquor served, police got them medically checked that confirmed their claims.

Considering the seriousness of the incident due to presence of males at a girls’ hostel, Pendra SDM Richa Prakash Chaudhary has ordered an inquiry into the case and police were recording statements from the girls as well.
Meanwhile, one of the female superintendents said that it was simply a gathering of superintendents who belonged to same batch for bidding farewell to a friend. She said that the locals complained to the police because they were attempting to witness the celebration and we didn’t allow them enter the hostel premises.
Furious after being forbidden, they informed the police, claimed the superintendent. However, inspector Sahu said that presence of males in the premises is questionable during night that puts safety of girls at risk hence, action would be taken for violating the rules.

Incidents of tribal girls in remote regions being assaulted and raped at government hostels have been making news in parts of Chhattisgarh raising serious questions over safety of girls.
Eleven minor girls at Kanker district were sexually assaulted by the superintendents itself in 2012, soon after which Chhattisgarh government has strictly put a ban on deployment of male superintendents and their presence at girls’ hostels.

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