Cutesy video of this little girl singing Hanuman bhajan goes viral. Watch | Trending

A video that has been recently shared on Twitter is creating quite a buzz across social media platforms for a very cute reason. The video showcases a young Lord Hanuman devotee singing bhajan at a satsang. She is wearing her school uniform and is sitting with several other women singing Hanuman bhajan. What grabbed netizens’ eyeballs is that she is leading the congregation at such a young age and remembers the whole verse heart.The video was shared on Twitter a user who uses the handle @Gulzar_sahab. “Cutest Bhajan,” read the caption written along with the video shared online. A heart and a smiling face with heart eyes emoticon accompany the caption. The video shows the little girl singing ‘Chhota sa Hanuman, chalave gadi satsang ki’, and other women follow her.Watch the video below:

Since being shared two days ago, the video has raked up more than 24,400 views. The share has also accumulated over 1,700 likes. Netizens were quick enough to flock to the comments section to post love-struck emojis and their thoughts.”So cute,” posted an individual. “Beautifully sang,” wrote another. “Really adorable,” shared a third. “God bless her,” expressed a fourth with heart emoticons.


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