Daddy first look revealed: Arjun plays Arun Gawli and the resemblance is scary

Bollywood Actor Arjun Rampal on Tuesday unveiled the first look of his character in the upcoming film Daddy, in which he is essaying the role of Arun Gawli, a gangster-turned-politician of Mumbai.

Arjun shared a 14-second long motion poster which first shows an image of Gawli and then a photo of himself as Gawli. The similarity in the look is uncanny, with Arjun and Gawli in the same unkempt hair, handlebar moustache and a beard.

Arun Gawli was nicknamed ‘Daddy’ as he was considered the Robin Hood of his chawl in Mumbai. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2012 for the murder of a Shiv Sena leader.

As the poster starts rolling, the title of the film and a tagline appears – “the only one who did not run”. The actor posted the look with the caption “Here it is guys the first look of ‘Daddy’. Let me know your thoughts. ‘Daddy’. Coming soon.”

Earlier, the film’s director Ashim Ahluwalia shared a short video on YouTube, giving an introduction to the character.

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