Dear Shah Rukh Khan, no press meet on your birthday will make us miss your quotable quotes

At the start of every year, I mark November 2 in my diary as the ‘mother of all press conferences’ day. Simply because when Shah Rukh Khan invites the media to celebrate his birthday, all roads, PCR and OB vans only lead to Mannat, his sea-facing palace in Bandra where his legion of fans start gathering a day in advance to book their spots and catch a glimpse of the superstar in flesh and blood. Alas! All that will be sorely missed today for SRK has decided to ring in his 51st birthday in the scenic Alibag with family and close friends. Why has SRK given his usual birthday ritual with media at Mannat a skip, you may ask.

There is no official word yet but speculations are rife that the actor apparently decided against holding the meet to steer clear of Raees related controversies. The actor unwittingly found himself at the receiving end of an unwanted controversy on his 50th birthday after his statements on intolerance were blown out of proportion. SRK till date holds that slight grudge against media and prefers to now remain mum on matters that he knows would create smoke and fire. Earlier this year, on Eid, the star politely declined to answer questions about terrorism when asked about it at the press meet at Mannat. However, it will be wrong to assume that the controversy surrounding Raees is the sole reason that forced the actor to keep the media at bay. For given SRK’s legendary speaking skills, we are sure he could have fended off every Raees bouncer well.

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