Defamation suit: Mika Singh, doctor willing for settlement

Singer Mika Singh and a doctor, who filed a Rs 50 lakh defamation suit against the music composer for allegedly slapping him and tarnishing his image at a function in New Delhi, on Tuesday told a Delhi court that they were ready to explore the possibility of settling the matter.
The court, after hearing submissions of the counsel for Mika and doctor Srikanth, referred the suit to Mediation Cell.

“It is submitted by counsel for the parties that they are willing to explore the possibility of settlement and have requested that the matter be referred to Mediation Cell. Let the parties appear before the Incharge of Mediation Cell, Tis Hazari Courts today (Tuesday) itself… Put up for report on November 3,” Additional District Judge Rajrani said.
The court had earlier fixed the matter for October 4, giving Mika a last opportunity for admitting or denying documents relating to the suit and for framing of issues.
Amrik Singh alias Mika was earlier summoned in the defamation suit filed by Srikanth, an ophthalmologist at Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital here, alleging that the singer had slapped him during a live concert coordinated by the Delhi Ophthalmological Society as part of a three-day conference.
However, in his written statement, Mika had claimed that the suit was to harass and humiliate him and had sought its dismissal with exemplary cost saying it was devoid of merits.
In the suit filed through advocate Rajesh Kumar, the doctor had said that on April 11, 2015, he was dancing at the venue when Mika, without any reason, started pointing fingers at him from the stage and asked him to move aside allegedly in a rude manner using abusive language.
When the plaintiff did not pay heed to this, the singer got angry and directed his bouncers to drag the doctor to the stage, the plaint claimed. It further alleged that Mika slapped the doctor which led to bleeding in his eardrum.
It claimed that due to the “illegal and unlawful act” of Mika, the doctor had felt hurt, humiliated and embarrassed as most of the people gathered at the venue were his colleagues and friends.
Mika, in his statement, had said the contents of the suit were based on media reports and denied that he had levelled false allegations against the doctor.
A criminal case was lodged against Mika at Inder Puri Police Station in New Delhi for alleged offences of causing hurt and wrongful restraint under the IPC.

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