“Democracy or Castocracy”

India is a democratic country.We all follows Hinduism which is a universal religion.It teaches us brotherhood.View of our scriptures is world as one family.But now some people doing politics on caste by tolerating success of nation.Above the caste we all are Indian we always support that work which performed in the favour of our nation.This caste basis politics making our nation weak.We protest for reservation and for many more thing only on the basis of caste.Whether we should improve in our education system,youth also should be motivated toward their goal.Individual should be success on the basis of their capabilities,not by caste.
Number of Indian’s who visited foreign countries often complains that they treated differently on the basis of skin,accent and caste,but we neverlooked our own country’s people they also treat on the basis of skin,accent,caste.Infront of caste,religion sometimes we forgot our humanity.”Our unsung heroes our soliders always protect whole nation without differenciating our religion and caste that is called true love for nation without any expectations.”If they do same as we can than think how much our nations people save?
Our country follows democracy not castocracy but its in actual manner not truth.People’s votes on the basis of caste not for the good leader.Now its the time to think about our country’s benifits and about our economic strength beyond caste.Firstly we are Indian after that we belong particular caste.Caste should not be the subject of our politics.Govertment protect every castes and religion and always does amedments in laws for the benefits of country’s people’s.
By-Lalita Rajput…

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