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Demonetisation has broken the backs of terrorists, drug cartels, says PM Modi

“With just one move on 8 November, the worlds of terrorism, drug mafia, human trafficking and fake note smuggling were all destroyed,” Modi said at a rally in the Uttarakhand capital. “Most people are for honesty; it is just a handful who are trampling them. We have waged this war to empower those who are being trampled,” he said.
“Corruption has destroyed the country, which was known as a bird of gold. If the country is to progress, this plunder has to stop, corruption has to stop,” the prime minister said.
Despite hardships, Modi said, the people of the country had supported the demonetisation move, whereby Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes were scrapped. “This is a cleanliness drive and it’s only because of the common people’s support that we have been able to wage this war against corruption,” he said.
“There are those who are on the lookout for an opportunity to pounce on me. But I know that so long as I have the security cover of 125 crore people, nothing will happen to me,” he said, adding that along with black money, black hearts too have destroyed the country.
Enumerating various development schemes and initiatives of his government, including implementation of ‘One Rank One Pay’ scheme, he called upon the state’s people to vote for the BJP. The people of Uttarakhand have a substantial representation in the country’s armed forces.
“Uttarakhand in now lying in such a deep pit that it needs two engines to pull it out. Those two engines are — one in Delhi (central government) and we need another in Dehradun (state government),” Modi said. “You have already installed one engine in Delhi; now it time to do the same in Dehradun,” added Modi.

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