Galaxy S8 leaks reveal Samsung combining all new design with stunning technology

NEW DELHI: To redeem itself in the smartphone market after the massive Galaxy Note 7 recall, Samsung is now focusing on its upcoming flagship Galaxy S8 which will come with a slick design and an improved camera, reports said.

2016 has been an eventful year for smartphone manufacturers with Samsung ruling the hearts and minds of android users with the launch of S7 series in March, while Apple as always offered something different to its ‘lovers’ in the form of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. However, Samsung has fallen prey to the Note 7 fiasco in Q4 which dented its image.

With Galaxy S7 and S7 edge being the best camera phones of this year, Samsung not only offered what was expected from it after the innovative S6 series but it went beyond expectations to rule the hearts of Android users. Though, Apple did chip in September with iPhone 7 and 7 plus but it’s latest flagships would’ve received a stiff competition had Note 7 survived.

According to reports, the display of the Galaxy S8 is going to be the focal point of the device. The company also could also drop the fingerprint sensor and to make the upcoming flagship sleek and thinner than the S7 series. S8’s design is expected to ditch the home button and use an optical sensor for scanning fingerprints.

The Galaxy S8 may also become first device to support recently announced Bluetooth 5.0 to bring faster data transfer speeds.

According to Ewan Spence, Forbes contributor, the front of the Galaxy S8 is expected to have a 4K resolution screen.

“Not only will this allow Samsung to market the smartphone as having one of the sharpest screens of any mobile device, it also makes the S8 into a suitable platform for the next generation of mobile VR,” Spence said.

Samsung is also going to offer an artificial intelligence assistant service in the upcoming flagship smartphone.

The Galaxy S8 will let users order food or perform other tasks without going through a third-party application but by simply asking the phone’s virtual assistant.

Samsung is expected to unveil its upcoming flagship Galaxy S8 in Feb-March as it has typically done in the past.

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