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Government buildings to be illuminated with earthen lamps this Diwali

RAIPUR: Government buildings and offices in Baloda Bazar district would be illuminated with earthen lamps instead of electronic string lightings. Baloda Bazar district administration has decided to go indigenous this Diwali by using maximum number of earthen lamps and discourage Chinese lights.
The decision comes soon after chief minister Raman Singh appealed to ban Chinese lights and firecrackers in his radio show ‘Raman Ke Goth’.
The district collector Rajesh Singh Rana has issued an order to use earthen lamps in stead of Chinese lights at government offices and official residences in Diwali.
According to the notice, the officials were asked to ensure all panchayat buildings and offices to be illuminated only via earthen lamps.

Moreover, the district is dominated by potters’ tribe hence, collector has issued a notice directing against usage of Chinese products and lights, and encouraging employment to potters.
Collector Rajesh Singh Rana said that he aims to encourage usage of indigenous products and boycott cheap Chinese products which invariably lead to pollution and are hazardous to health.
In any case, lighting earthen lamps is a part of our culture since ages and they are much better than electronic string lightening and on the other hand it’s for benefit poor potters as well.
Recently, the potters were also given electronic pottery wheels for easy and smooth manufacturing of lamps and they were also exempted from local taxes like Pasra tax till Diwali.

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