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A video of a very dramatic dog was recently shared on Reddit. The clip captures how the dog refuses when its human asks it to shake its paw. It is one of such videos that will leave you chuckling and may also make you say ‘Aww’.

The image shows the dramatic dog. (Reddit/@infini-q50)

The video is posted with a simple caption that reads, “Why would he do that?”. The clip opens to show the dog standing in front of the camera. Within moments, its human extends one of their hands and asks the dog for its paw. The doggo, however, dramatically refuses.
Take a look at the video:

The video was posted a day ago. Since being shared, it has accumulated over 5,200 upvotes and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, the share has received various comments.Here’s how Reddit users reacted:“He wants to play. He’s teasing you to try to get you riled up,” suggested a Reddit user. “I dunno, but it’s too adorable,” added another. “Why wouldn’t he do that lol he has chaos in his eyes,” added a third. “He gave a hand, then decided it was way more fun to spin in circles until his eyes rolled back into his head… cracked the case. Also… Husky. They are in the, ‘Why are you like this?!’ category of dogs,” wrote a fourth.

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