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It’s CM’s brother-in-law Vs Vyapam whistleblower in Madhya Pradesh now

BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s brother-in-law Sanjay Singh (Masani) lodged a complaint with the state cyber cell on Monday demanding a probe into alleged the ‘hacking’ of Vyapam whistleblower Dr Anand Rai’s Twitter account.
This comes a day after Sanjay Singh held a press conference saying he has sent a legal notice to Dr Rai for defamatory allegations against him, and his family, on television and Twitter.
Dr Rai contended the charges citing he has never made any ‘defamatory’ remarks against Singh in public or in person. About the Twitter posts, Dr Rai said that he has not posted any defamatory messages from his handle.
“My accounts were hacked several times and the passwords were retrieved. I had notifications from Twitter that there were multiple attempts to hack my account from distant states in the recent days,” Dr Rai told media.
“Only those whom I have added have access to my Twitter posts. Singh was not in the list, so he must tell how he got a tweet from my personal account. There is something fishy out there and now Singh must tell how he got access to my Twitter account,” said Dr Rai.
Sanjay Singh said Dr Rai has been asked to apologise unconditionally within two weeks.
“We would file a case against him (Dr Rai) in Mumbai High Court, if he fails to do so,” Singh said adding he was an accredited journalist too. “Dr Rai had made the allegations to gain some cheap publicity,” Singh said.
According to Singh said “Dr Rai had alleged on a TV channel that he had made big investments in Mumbai film industry and that CM gave undue tax exemptions to movies that had his brother-in-law’s investments. “CM should clarify under which policy he gives tax exemptions to particular production house and movies,” the whistleblower said.
Dr Rai also said that he has already forwarded the information on Singh’s assets to the Mumbai income tax department. “I am a whistleblower and I would forward any information I get on violations to suitable authorities for further action. This seems to be an attempt to suppress our voice,” he said.
He also alleged that the lawyer who accompanied Singh to the press conference was MP government’s panel lawyer in Mumbai high court. “Is the CM waging a proxy war against me? Yes it seems,” Dr Rai said.
Sanjay Singh said Dr Rai is trying to mislead media by claiming that his Twitter account was hacked. “Even if it was hacked, it should be investigated,” said Singh in his complaint to cyber cell police station.
Dr Rai ridiculed this complaint and said Singh was “a third person” and is trying use the cyber cell which is under direct influence of his ‘jijaji’.

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