Kabaddi World Cup 2016: Japan record second consecutive win; Argentina lose to Australia

while, Australia defeated Argentina 68-45, in a match where the latter were favourites before the match began at the ongoing Kabaddi World Cup 2016.
Fantastic efforts by Japan’s captain Masayuki Shimokawa and Kazuhiro Takano handed them a 33-22 win ensuring that they continue their good run at the Kabaddi World Cup. Poland were unfortunate against the Japanese raiders, but Polish Jan Baranowicz missed the Super 10 by one point, according to the official Kabaddi World Cup website.

Although, Japan were not at their best on the mat. However, their raiders’ superb display helped them overcome the Polish challenge.
But, their next match is with the Group B leaders Iran on 15 October and they would look to perform at their best to upset them.
Poland’s next match is against USA on 14 October. With just a solitary point in their bag after three matches, it’s Poland’s best chance to notch their first win, who have struggled at the World Cup so far and are at the bottom of the Group A table.
In the second encounter, Argentina started miserably, suffering their first all out in the initial five minutes itself against the Aussies. Jasvir Singh and Kuldeep Singh starred in Australia’s third match to give them their first victory at the Kabaddi World Cup.
Argentina, on the other hand will have to work on their weak defence and regroup for their next encounters. They haven’t registered a victory at the World Cup despite playing two matches and currently are at the bottom of the Group A.
Argentina play England next on 14 October. While, South Korea, the only team to remain unbeaten in Group A take on the Australians.
Thailand play Kenya at Ahmedabad. And, Bangladesh face the South Korean challenge on Thursday.

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