Kapil Sharma Apologises To Sunil Grover After Alleged Fight. ‘Family Matter’ Resolved?

Warring comedians Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover appear to have repaired their fractured relationship after Mr Sharma tweeted an apology for having hurt his The Kapil Sharma Show co-star ‘unintentionally.’ Mr Sharma is accused of assaulting Mr Grover while drunk on a flight from Melbourne. In a tweet late Monday, Kapil Sharma wrote: “Paaji Sunil Grover, sorry if I hurt you unintentionally. You know very well how much I love you. I’m also upset. Love and regards always.”

KAPIL ✔ @KapilSharmaK9
Paji @WhoSunilGrover sry if I hurt u unintentionally.u knw vry well how much I luv u. M also upset .love n regards always:)
10:44 PM – 20 Mar 2017
3,558 3,558 Retweets 18,379 18,379 likes

After Mr Sharma’s apology, Mr Grover this morning tweeted this, writing in the caption ‘From a friend.’

Sunil Grover ✔ @WhoSunilGrover
From a friend, with love @KapilSharmaK9
7:28 AM – 21 Mar 2017
8,455 8,455 Retweets 21,009 21,009 likes

This is how Mr Sharma reacted to Mr Grover’s response on Twitter:

KAPIL ✔ @KapilSharmaK9
@WhoSunilGrover paji dil jitt liya tusi.. now I love u more n more n more .. hun bada mazaa aan wala a.. akal aan to baad.. I love u.
8:27 AM – 21 Mar 2017
627 627 Retweets 3,073 3,073 likes

KAPIL ✔ @KapilSharmaK9
@WhoSunilGrover today packed up at 6 am after so long n I missed so many things.. love u .. see u in evening at ur home
8:29 AM – 21 Mar 2017
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Mr Sharma, allegedly drunk, is said to have attacked Mr Grover verbally and physically while flying out of Melbourne. Bollywood Life quoted an eyewitness as saying, “Without any provocation, Kapil pounced on Sunil Grover. We saw Kapil loudly abusing Sunil. Sunil kept quiet, probably thinking that Kapil would calm down after the outburst. But Kapil got more aggressive. His loud abuses could be heard right across the flight cabin. He then physically assaulted Sunil. That’s when all hell broke loose. The flight attendants rushed to the spot. They wanted to handcuff Kapil in order to restrain him. To his credit Sunil stood by his unruly colleague and asked the cabin crew to overlook his drunken behaviour.”

Sunil Grover is believed to have skipped the shooting of the episode of The Kapil Sharma Show that was filmed on Monday. A source earlier told mid-day, “Sunil is numbed by the way Kapil assaulted him during a flight from Melbourne, where they did a stage show. He was merely trying to calm down Kapil, who was drunk and hurling abuses at another team member, Chandan (Prabhakar).”

Sunil Grover plays the characters Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi on The Kapil Sharma Show. He played Gutthi on the previous show Comedy Nights With Kapil, which he quit over payment issues.

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