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Madhya Pradesh cabinet to meet unofficially on February 3 at Hanuwantiya

BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh cabinet on Monday gave an administrative sanction for Rs 3400 crore for repair and upgradation of major district roads through the Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation with financial assistance from New Development Bank.Briefing reporters after the cabinet, finance minister Jayant Malaiyya said, “With a new upgradation project, 57 roads totalling about 1500 km will be repaired over the next four years. State will take 70% loan for the project while 30% will come from the government’s own funds.”

In another major decision, state government headed by chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan decided to increase the seats of medical colleges. Cabinet approved increasing MBBS seats in Shyamshah Medical College Rewa from the existing 100 seats to 150, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College Jabalpur will now have 250 MBBS seats in place of 150 and Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College Indore will also have 250 seats, an increase by 100 seats. Government also sanctioned Rs 177.55 crore and Rs 157.57 crore towards construction of new medical colleges in Chhindwara and Shivpuri.

Finance minister Malaiyya said, cabinet gave the green signal to provide 334.58 hectare government land in Morena district for a lease rent of just Rs one lakh lease amount to the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for setting up a new unit. The actual cost of the land is Rs 46.81 crore.

Cabinet endorsed creation of a total of 79 posts on temporary basis including 28 posts of assistant supervisors and 51 posts of contractual data entry operators for district level offices of State Election Commission.
Government decided to give financial assistance of Rs 5000 per month from June 2016 to a victim of the Badwani botched cataract operations identified as Shikariya resident of Moyda, Badwani. Six months after the cataract operation Shikariya lost his vision on one eye. The eye camp was held in Badwani in November 2015.
An unofficial cabinet meeting will be held in Hanuwantiya water sports island on February 3, Malaiyya said.

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