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Madhya Pradesh government approves job for slain head constable’s daughter

BHOPAL: In the year’s first cabinet meeting, government decided to give job appointment on compassionate grounds to Sonia Yadav, daughter of slain jail head constable Ramashankar Yadav.
Eight suspected SIMI terrorists escaped from Bhopal Jail after they allegedly slit the throat of the head constable on intervening night of October 30-31.
Minister for water resources and government spokesman Narottam Mishra said that cabinet approved the compassionate job appointment but did not give details on the department or position in which she would be accommodated. The government later clarified that Sonia will be appointed as grade-3 clerk in the general administration department.
In another decision, cabinet decided that village convergence facilitation centres will be operated under women and child development department in Bhopal district to implement the Union Government’s Poorna Shakti Kendra Yojna. A total of 26 posts have been approved for this centre. Financial provision at the rate of 60% union government share and 40 percent state share has been made under the scgheme.

One district coordinator and 20 village coordinators will work for the functioning of the pilot project. Ten villages will be selected by panchayat and rural development department as per the cluster of identified villages. Moreover, a sum of Rs 1000 per month towards expenses as conveyance allowance will be paid to each village coordinator under the sanctioned budget to run Village Convergence Center under the Poorna Shakti Kendra Yojna.
Cabinet also sanctioned a plastic park at village Biloua in Dabra in district Gwalior. Narottam Mishra said that the name Madhya Pradesh Plastic Development Corporation Gwalior Limited has been approved by cabinet for the scheme. Total cost of the project is Rs 83.43 cr.
Government approved creation of new 16 posts for conserving the world famous Maihar Band. Presently, 18 posts are sanctioned including 17 posts of musicians and one post of assistant band master. The state’s tradition classical music has been kept alive by Maihar Band since 1918.
Council of ministers paid homage to deceased former chief minister Sunderlal Patwa.

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