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Madhya Pradesh schools to put up photos of PM and President on premises

BHOPAL: The Madhya Pradesh government has directed all government schools, apart from all other government buildings, across the state to display portraits of President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on their premises. A government order dated January 7 in this regard was forwarded to the school education department.
“It has been noticed that portrait of President and PM of India have not been displayed in many government buildings of the state. It is directed that all government offices, including schools, display picture of the present president and the prime minister on their premises,” reads the order, a copy of which is with TOI. The order stated that the portraits can be availed from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, GoI.
Speaking to TOI, minister of state for school education Deepak Joshi said, “It is a custom to keep portraits of leaders so that we remember their role and teach students about their personalities. There is no harm in keeping portraits of the President and the prime minister in schools and government offices.”

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