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Modi versus Yogi’ hoardings, FIR after election took place

JNN, Lucknow After the BJP’s debacle in five states, there is humdrum in the political atmosphere about election results. Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh Navnirman Sena has created a new controversy by putting a poster (hoarding). Calling the Chief Yogi Adityanath better than Narendra Modi, bring the Yogi – the slogan of saving the country has been given. After getting orders from the state government in this case, the case has been filed against the Uttar Pradesh Navnirman Sena chief.

Brand Yogi of Hindutva

Lucknow’s Park Road Chowki Incharge Feroz Alam of Hazratganj Kotwali has started the investigation after registering the case. The design of the poster has been prepared on February 10 as the basis of the proposed religion parliament. On one side, a picture of PM Modi has been written down – Jumlebhaji’s name is Modi. Similarly, on the other hand, the picture of the CM Yogi has been written by the Hindu Yogi brand of Hindutva. Various types of discussions are going on in this poster (hoarding) in Hazratganj, the busiest crossroads of the capital, Lucknow. The main point of discussion is to tell the yogi better than Modi. Lucknow police has come into action immediately after the poster (hoarding) is in front of them. First action has been taken to remove the poster. Besides, a lawsuit has been registered against Amit Jani, the President of Uttar Pradesh Navnirman Sena. The police has also started raids in search of her.

Who is amit jani

Amit jani, who created the headlines by breaking the statue of BSP leader Mayawati in Lucknow, is the notorious Mafia of Uttar Pradesh. He has come to tell himself the closest of the SP. Amit Jani is also inclined to go to electoral politics. Seeing the attacks on North Indians in Maharashtra, Amit Jani has formed Uttar Pradesh New Construction Army. That is, his direct hostility is from Shiv Sainiks. Amit also has several bogus criminal cases. He is looking for a safe political home.

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