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MP Election 2018: BJP leaders taking feedback from RSS, many leaders met

Bhopal. After the elections for the assembly elections, both the BJP and the Sangh are busy taking the field feedback. After the voting, all the BJP leaders are claiming to form the government, but they are trying to figure out the results by dividing every seat inside. After four days of voting, the RSS has taken field feedback for four consecutive days and has also conveyed to the BJP.

After the feedback, the RSS office bearers have also come to claim the claim. Significantly, the Sangh has played an important role in BJP’s election campaign in the last four days. In the last four days, many teams of Sangh activists were thrashed in the election campaign in about 65 seats.

These workers of the Sangh had played an important role in the election management with celebrating the senior party workers of the angry party at these seats. After taking feedback from other than these workers, the Sangh is also confident about the results.

On the other hand, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan also met several ministers in the last few days and took feedback on him and his constituency. Many ministers have also complained to the Chief Minister and the state organization about the Bhutrakh on their seats.

In addition to a minister like MLA Vijay Shah, who was contesting from Hoshangabad assembly seat, besides some MLAs like MLA Shah, some legislators and MPs also met the Chief Minister and gave feedback of their seat. After taking feedback from the RSS, the BJP organization is also confident about the election results.

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