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RSS pracharak thrashing: Senior cops removed from Balaghat

The thrashing of an RSS pracharak, which was discussed in the recent Bharatiya Janata Party State Executive meeting in Gwalior, took a toll on two senior cops as Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led state government on Sunday removed Balaghat IG and Superintendent of Police.
DC Sagar, the incumbent Inspector General of Balaghat was replaced by G Janardan while Superintendent of Police Asit Yadav gave way to Amit Sanghi who till now was posted as SP Crime Investigation Department Jabalpur.
RSS pracharak thrashing: Senior cops removed from Balaghat
The transfers come amid growing discontent among police officer which have silently expressed solidarity with their colleagues in connection to the action taken against RSS Pracharak Suresh Yadav.
Following a complaint against Yadva lodged by locals in connection with his Whatsapp post, police led by ASP Rajesh Sharma and TI Jia-ul-Haq had gone to arrest. The RSS volunteer had alleged severe thrashing at the hands of police during his arrest.
ASP, TI and six other policemen involved in the action already has been suspended.
Besides, RSS brass too had expressed deep anguished over the incident.

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