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MP government to come out with White Paper on malnutrition, infant mortaliti

The Madhya Pradesh government has decided to issue a White Paper on children mortalities due to malnutrition.
Besides, the state government would show the door to the companies engaged in distribution of nutritional food and would alter the policy regarding high nutrition food items to the kids.
MP government to come out with White Paper on malnutrition, infant mortalities
For doing so, a committee comprising Health and Family Welfare minister Rustam Singh and Women and Child Development minister Archana Chitnis has been formed. This committee also comprises Addl Chief Secretary Dipak Kahndekar, Principal Secretary Health Gauri Singh and PS WCD JN Kansotia.
A recent survey of Sample Registration System has put MP on top along with Odisha in terms of infant mortality within seven days of berth per 1000 berths.
The state also finished on the top with 1.3 deaths per 1,000 berths in 5-14 years age group as against 0.7 deaths which is the national average.
However the beleaguered state government has come up with figures of National Family Health Survey which claims that infant mortality has reduced by 26% in the state over the last decade.
The infant mortality was 69 per 1000 in the year 2005-06 which lowered to 51 in 2015-16, a state government communiqué said. The mortality rate among kids up to five years also slashed to 65 per 1000 in the year 2015-16, the communiqué said.
Interestingly several Madhya Pradesh districts have been reporting severe malnutrition among kids upto five years in the recent past, Sheopur district in Chambal region is the worst affected among these districts.
Ten teams formed by the district administration for detecting malnourished kid found 240 under weight kids on the first day of the campaign on Tuesday. These kids have been admitted to various hospitals of the district.

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