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MP govt may announce DA hike for employees ahead of Dussehra

Madhya Pradesh government is expected to hike the dearness allowance ahead of Dussehra.
Reportedly, the hike will benefit over 5 lakh government employees and pensioners.
MP govt may announce DA hike for employees ahead of Dussehra
As per the information received, the Finance Department has already mapped out the introduction of hike under the seventh pay commission.
A proposal on the same will be made during the Shivraj Cabinet meet on October 4.
Noteworthy, the commissione will be brought in place from January 1, 2016.
Speculations are rife that the employees may even get 10 months arrear.
The profit of the increased salary will be transferred into the accounts of the employees from November.
With the announcement of seventh pay commission, the state government will have to face an extra load of Rs 8,000 crore.

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