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MP govt orders CID probe into SIMI activists’ jailbreak, encounter

Madhya Pradesh government on Tuesday ordered CID inquiry into the encounter of police with SIMI operatives, killing eight of them on October 31.
The CID, led by IPS officer Anurag Sharma, will head the SIMI encounter probe.
MP govt orders CID probe into SIMI activists’ jailbreak, encounter

Eight SIMI operatives on Monday fled from high security Bhopal Central Jail after killing a guard.
As Bhopal police killed eight SIMI operatives after ‘jailbreak’, several video clips going viral on social media have questioned the authenticity of the encounter.

Also contradictory statements from within the state governments has made the matters more confusing.
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan may have had some concerns over the security at the Central Jail in Bhopal, from where eight SIMI activists escaped and were killed in an alleged encounter on Tuesday.

According to an official close to Chouhan, the CM, at the two-day Collectors and SPs meeting which ended on October 27, appeared to be worried over the absence of the jail authorities and had asked “where is the Prison Director General?”

To which the CM was told that the prison official has been operated upon and is unwell.
Thereafter, Chouhan specifically told the Madhya Pradesh Jail Principal Secretary Vinod Semwal, who was present at the meeting, that “special thrust should be laid on the jail security,” the official said.

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