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MP has BJP and it will remain so after December 3’: PM Modi

Prime Miner Narendra Modi on Tuesday claimed that the wave was blowing in favour of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Madhya Pradesh and it will uproot the opposition Congress from the state. Prime Miner Narendra Modi addresses a public meeting in Jhabua in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday. (ANI) Addressing a public rally in Shajapur a day before the campaign for November 17 voting in MP ends, the PM also accused the Congress of hating and abusing him because he had clamped down on its corruption and scams and said that he had introduced medical and engineering courses in Hindi so that children of poor can become doctors and engineers. The PM accused the Congress of threatening government officers and employees as they feared losing the election and asked employees not to feel scared as the BJP will return to power. “The Congress got nervous and started threatening government employees. I am assuring government employees that they don’t need to be afraid of Congress threats. Please do your work with honesty. MP has BJP and it will remain so after December 3,” he said. The PM Modi said the Congress also had a problem with him and abused him repeatedly after 2014. “In 2014 you chose me to serve the nation. They are abusing me, but I face these abuses for you. I am bearing this hate for you. Why do they hate me because Modi has put a ban on corruption and scams? BJP government sends ₹100 and beneficiaries got every penny through direct bank transfer,” he added. On Rahul Gandhi’s statement that he wanted to see a day when someone in China opens a mobile phone and sees ‘Made in Madhya Pradesh’ written on the phones, the PM said a great expert of Congress was saying that Indians are using ‘Made in China’ mobile phones. “This chief of fools live in which part of the world? Congress leaders have become mentally sick and are not seeing the achievements of their country. Today India is the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world,” he said. Modi said this Diwali, business of ₹3.75 lakh crore was recorded and most of the products sold were “Swadeshi” (locally manufactured). He added India will celebrate Diwali on December 3, when the BJP will win MP once again. The PM took Rahul Gandhi to task for saying that the BJP leaders were teaching their children in English medium schools and wanted children of poor to study Hindi. “The Congress was in power for the past 50 years and only a few people learnt English. Did we lock any English medium school in India? They taught engineering and medical in English, but they never taught you English. When you go to the doctor, you talk in your language. But this great intellectual man said you don’t need to learn your language. This thinking spoiled the country,” he said. Referring to the introduction of medical and engineering courses in Hindi, Modi said that Congress never wanted poor people to become doctors and engineers. “That’s why the BJP government started these courses in Hindi, but it (Congress) is even opposing that,” he added. The PM said that he understands the pain of poor as he belongs to a poor family and that is why he provided free ration during Covid 19. “God gave me power and I decided that I won’t allow any poor to sleep without food. I won’t allow tears in the eyes of any mother. I opened ration stores. We have started providing free ration and it will continue for the next three years,” he said. To woo tribal voters, Modi said he brought drinking water from Narmada to tribal areas and the Congress lied to tribals for years to get their votes. “The Congress never fulfils its promise. The Congress promised farm loan waiver but failed to implement it. On the other side, the BJP does what it says. Have we ever written in manifesto that a tribal woman will become President of India. A tribal girl born and brought up in a village, Draupadi Murmu, become President of India,” he said. He said the Congress gave minimum support price to 6-7 forest produce products and his government increased it to 90. “As many as 2.5 crore farmers grow millets and we are promoting it as superfood. I was in the USA, I was served millets and similarly in G 20, too, millets were served to guests,” he said. Like previous elections rallies, the PM again attacked Congress-led state governments of Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan on corruption saying the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has seized huge chunk of money from Congress leaders in the two states. “Exciting news! Hindustan Times is now on WhatsApp Channels Subscribe today clicking the link and stay updated with the latest news!” Click here! ABOUT THE AUTHOR She is a senior reporter based at Bhopal. She covers higher education, social issues, youth affairs, woman and child development related issues, sports and business & industries. …view detail

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