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MP Police busy finding MLA’s missing dog

Having lost her dog, MLA from Dabra constituency, Imarti Devi Suman has lodged a complaint with the police for helping in bringing back her beloved pet.

The Dabra Congress lawmaker, who had lost her dog earlier in the past too, has announced reward of Rs 11,000 to anyone who brings back the Labrador breed dog, and has vowed to host recital of Sundar Kand once her dog is reunited with her.

Earlier, when the legislator’s pet, Brujo went missing, it was brought back by police after two days of hectic search.

The Congress lawmaker had initially hesitated from lodging any complaint this time with the police as it had triggered a public outrage earlier. However, she did file a complaint with Dabra police on Monday after frantic efforts failed to find her pet since it went missing on September 20.

The MLA maintains that the pet was really close to her and often soothed her whenever she felt sad. Now, the lawmaker is sulking and sobbing, seeing the picture of Brujo on her mobile phone.
She has also circulated emotional appeals on social media for finding her dog.

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