Mukesh Khanna says Shaktimaan can do everything, has no competition with the Avengers

Earlier this year, a trilogy based on the desi superhero Shaktimaan was announced Sony Pictures India. Actor Mukesh Khanna, who conceptualised the Doordarshan show Shaktimaan and played the titular role, will be attached to the upcoming trilogy. However, the hunt for the lead actor of the movie is still on.
In a chat with Brut India, Khanna said that Shaktimaan has all the powers that any superhero in the world could possess. “If you compare Shaktimaan with the powers of any superhero, maybe an Iron Man, maybe a Spider-man, maybe a Superman, Shaktimaan can do everything,” he said. The actor added that the desi superhero will give stiff competition to MCU’s Avengers. “It will become a global superhero now, in front of maybe Avengers,” Khanna said.

Mukesh Khanna said that people might think that Shaktimaan’s powers should be increased to compete against Avengers but the desi superhero doesn’t need an extra boost as he is made from the five elements of the universe. “People say you will have to increase the powers, Avengers have come and you are in competition with Avengers. But let me tell you that Shaktimaan has every kind of power because he’s made from the five elements of the universe,” he said.
Talking about the upcoming film, he said, “Bigger villains will be there. The gadgets will be big. But Shaktimaan’s soul will remain the same.” Khanna added that the kids who saw the television show back then are now parents and they will be keen to show their kids the superhero they grew up with.

Mukesh Khanna previously told ETimes, “It will be made on a higher scale and keeping today’s scenario in mind. Shaktimaan will retain its originality and the essence will not change even in the film.”
A one-minute video announcing the film was released in February with the tagline – As darkness and evil prevail over humanity, it’s time for him to return.

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