Mumbai’s real estate soars to new heights with these AI-generated pics | Trending

A digital creator on Instagram shared a series of pictures to show the future of real estate in Mumbai. The images of the houses created using artificial intelligence showcase unique concepts reminiscent of spacecraft-like residences. AI-generated image shows apartments floating in the air over Mumbai’s cityscape.(Instagram/@_prateekarora) Digital creator Prateek Arora shared the pictures on Instagram with the caption, “Mumbai surreal estate.” The pictures show apartments with glass windows and doors floating over Mumbai’s cityscape. These images were created Arora using the AI tool- Midjourney. The photos showcase a futuric architectural vision and hint at the innovative future of Mumbai’s real estate sector. The first picture in this series shows a two-storey apartment hanging in the sky, while the subsequent one presents a three-story structure situated above what seems to be a vast expanse of water. The third and fourth pictures show hanging apartments above Mumbai’s high-rise buildings, set against a vividly coloured sky. The remaining pictures in the post show what other sky-bound apartments would look like under the cover of the night. Take a look at these AI-generated pics below: The pictures were shared a week ago on Instagram. Over 2,600 people have liked them. Additionally, a few even dropped comments on the pictures.Check out what people are saying about these AI-generated pictures:An individual enquired, “How do we go towards it? Or does it descend like a plane?”“Any brokerage fee or not?” joked another.A third wrote, “Quite difficult to sneak out at night though.”“Rent will be like 2 crores,” declared a fourth.“This is awesome,” expressed a fifth.“Do they float around the city?” enquired a sixth.A seventh commented, “This is so cool.” ABOUT THE AUTHOR Arfa Javaid is a journal working with the Hindustan Times’ Delhi team. She covers trending topics, human interest stories, and viral content online. …view detail