OnePlus Diwali Dash Sale to Offer OnePlus 3 at Re. 1 and More; Begins October 24

OnePlus is joining the Diwali bandwagon, and is conducting its own festive sale. The Chinese company is hosting a Re.1 Diwali Dash sale from October 24 to October 26, where it will give registered users a chance to purchase the OnePlus 3 Soft Gold variant, OnePlus accessories, and more via the company’s online store at just Re. 1.

The flash sales will be conducted at 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm IST on all three days. OnePlus will offer a mystery box to selected registered users, picked via a lucky draw. The user must then finish checkout within three hours to open the mystery box, and find out what’s inside it.

In order to participate in this unique sale, users must register on the OnePlus store. You must create a OnePlus ID, fill in all the necessary billing and payment information, verify your phone number, and even share on social media with the hashtag #OnePlusDiwaliDash to complete the four-step registration process for the OnePlus Diwali Dash sale.

OnePlus is also giving additional benefits to existing OnePlus users. Every OnePlus user is entitled to get a Rs. 250 coupon for free, upon registering for the sale and entering their IMEI number. The company is also hosting a contest which again includes sharing on social media, and the winner stands a chance to win a special goodie bag.

Xiaomi is also hosting a similar Diwali sale on its website, where it is also conducting Re. 1 flash sales along with discounts on other products. Check out all of today’s deals here. The Xiaomi sale started on Monday and is on till Wednesday.

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