Pakistani actors shouldn’t be banned, says Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte firmly believes cross-border cultural exchange shouldn’t be banned and expressed the same without mincing her words. Speaking at an event of Swatch watches, Radhika strongly condemned terrorism and expressed her solidarity towards Indian army before taking a stand in favour of Pakistani artistes.

Talking about the attacks in Uri and Baramulla, Radhika said, “All I feel is whatever is happening is disastrous and sad. It is beyond my comprehension. We are not there in person. We can only sympathise. There are no words in which I can express my solidarity.”

Talking about the political call to ban Pakistani actors, Radhika said, “If Swatch watches can come to India, Pakistani actors should also be allowed to come here and do films in India. I don’t think they should be banned.”
Majority of Bollywood has been in support of Pakistani artists, throwing their weight behind them and demanding how slapping of a ban wouldn’t stop terrorism. After Karan Johar, Salman Khan too recently spoke out in favour of Pakistani artistes delinking them from terrorism and terrorists. “They come here on valid visas given by our government. They are artistes not terrorists, ” said Khan.

The only prominent celebrity who has put the country before art happens to be Nana Patekar. The veteran actor opined that artistes are like bugs in front of the nation. “My country comes first for me.” Nana also indirectly trolled Salman for speaking out in favour of Pakistani artists.

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