Pakistani hacker at it again, defaces Chhattisgarh CMO, PWD websites

RAIPUR: The infamous Pakistani hacker Faisal Afzal is back to mischief yet again as he hacked websites of Chhattisgarh chief minister’s office (CMO) and Public Works Department (PWD) on Monday and Tuesday. Defacing the websites, the hacker warned to “Patch the security” and said, “Never Forget Me.” In earlier instances in exclusive chats with TOI, the hacker had warned about low security as the sites were running on older versions.
Though the websites of CMO and PWD now show that the sites are under maintenance, Faisal had defaced the homepage that showed “Hacked by Faisal, everyday someone gets hacked, today is your day. Just a security reminder. We are team Pak Cyber Attackers. We are Pak Hackers”.
It has been quite sometime Pak hacker Faisal hasn’t attacked any website and it was being assumed that the government sites in the state were up to date, security-wise.
But challenging the IT skills of cyber experts, Faisal is back again reminding them of low security of the websites carrying important database.
Claiming that he works for team of Pak Cyber Attackers, 20-year-old Faisal had earlier told TOI during online chats, “I have full control on Chhattisgarh websites and they were too vulnerable. Every new hacker first tries his skills on Indian cyber space. Replete with bugs, admins don’t care to patch or update them, hence these sites are easily hack-able.” Faisal’s FB page shows the mirror links of the sites he has hacked and many hackers who have also posted mirror links of the sites they had hacked.
Faisal’s ‘handle’ or ‘Leet’ has a code ‘1337’ which is his identity in cyber space.

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