“Peace lies within Smile”

Peace or Smile by heart in today’s busy life not a easy task.Every person is running towards a luxury life.He wants more and more.We are foregetting smiling.We knows very well smile is the solution of many big problems.Once you smile at a person,it results in the other person smiling back at you.
Mother Teresa Once Said-“Peace begins with a smile.Smile five time a day at someone you really don’t want to smile at.”
Smiling gives us positive energy.From smile we cannot think negative towards the person.Smile gives us inner peace.Our inner peace increases our capability.We knows very well peace of mind occurs very productive.There are Love and Compassion,there will be no place for hatred.
Today’s era we need peace,where countries are fighting with each other for power and resources,which are very problematic for country’s citizen.We have to promote peace rather than war.Instead of hatred we should promote to provide food,shelter,r
eradicates poverty,world would be a better and a happier place to be in.Smiling is powerful,it can change millions of lives for the better instead of using weapons,countries should have peacefully talks and they should show love and concern for other nations by smiling with their hearts.
Mother Teresa is advocates of peace have proven to the world that a smile goes a long way.
If u have a natural smile means you have millions of dollars in the bank.Smile is the language of kindness.

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