Raipur Municipal Corporation portal to keep track of affordable house allotments

RAIPUR: An online portal has been launched by the civic body to keep track of home allotments to slum dwellers through the Basic Service for Urban Poor (BSUP) housing scheme.

This portal will keep track of vacant houses and its allotment process executed by zone commissioners by the central server located at Raipur Municipal Corporation (RMC).
Civic authorities said that the portal will enable beneficiaries of the scheme as well as civic officials to remain constantly updated on the allotment procedure, bringing in transparency in the process.
The command centre of the BSUP server will be located in the RMC and the responsibilty of carrying out the allotment procedure will rest with the zone commissioners, who will be answerable for any delay in the allotment of housing to beneficiaries.
Payment instalments made by those who are alotted the housing will also be tracked and confirmation of payment received by the civic body can also be seen on the system.

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