Ranveer Singh reacts to Deepika Padukone’s criticism of his bad habits: ‘Complaints are for her to make…’

Just like most of her contemporaries, Deepika Padukone been at the receiving end of casually sex remarks, especially on social media. When her husband, actor Ranveer Singh was asked about this, he said that while such things are prevalent in society, ‘things are changing’ now, and that no one ‘can get away with anything’. Ranveer was recently seen in the film Jayeshbhai Jordaar where he played a man saving his unborn child from foeticide.
Talking to Bollywood Bubble, Ranveer said, “We know that this is prevalent in society. But, one needs to look at the upside, the fact that things are changing. Now you have a situation in society like social media—you can’t get away with anything. People will call you out. In 2017,  MeToo movement was made possible through social media. People connected with each other and sharing public instances where they’ve been wrong. We’ve come a long way and things are looking up.”

Ranveer also spoke about the supportive elements all around him in his life. He said that he had been surrounded strong feminine forces — his mother, grandmother and ser. He added, “Now Deepika, she’s not just part of my life, she is my life. I’ve been moulded, shaped into who I am them. I can say that emphatically.” He also said that he would so much rather prefer a daughter, ‘as they’re nicer and kinder’.
Deepika had earlier said that she doesn’t like Ranveer’s poor time management and that he sleeps a lot. Prodded on what he would like to change about Deepika Padukone, he said, “Nothing, I can’t think of anything about her that I can criticise. She’s perfect in every way, she has her flaws like everyone but she’s good for the most part, and the complaining is for her to do, and the changes are for me to make.” He added that he is making conscious efforts to change his bad habits.
The couple tied the knot in 2018 after six years of dating. They have worked together in several films, including Goliyon Ke Rasleela: Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani, Padmaavat and the recently-released 83.

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