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“Reservation is hurdle in Meritocracy”

In every corner of India one issue is raising that is Reservation.It is damaging our nation image.Dividing the population on the basis of castes and religion is not good for the nation as a whole.

The formers of the constitution believed that due to the caste system,SC’s and the STs were historically denied respect and equal opportunity in Indian society and were thus under represented in nation building activities.The constitution laid down 15% and 7.5% of vacancies to government aided educational institutes and for jobs in the government public sector as reserved quota for the SC and ST candidates respectively for a period of 5years after which the situation was to be reviewed.

Reservation is similar to internal partition.We can say it is vote bank politics.Politicians use castes as an effective tool to earn more votes.They divides the society for their own good into vote banks.Reservation are the biggest enemy of meritocracy.Meritocracy should not be polluted by injecting relaxation of entry barriers,rather should not be encouraged by offering financial aids to the underprivileged although deserving candidates only.Allocation quotas is a discrimination which is against to the right to equality.The day when a child starts his or her education,they becomes part of cycle of reservation without choice.It stays not only in school,college but it also stays in getting job which affects a lot to us.Most often,only the economically sound people make use of most of the seats reserved for backward castes,thus making the aim a total failure.

Many students disheartened if they fail to get admission in good college due to reservation system.This has forced many fertile brains to leave the country and settle abroad.Its high time and this needs attention and amendment.

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