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Resistance of SC / ST Act on the whip in MP, know how the situation is in which district

Bhopal: While refuting the Supreme Court’s decision by the Modi government, the impact of the Indian bandh called by the upper castes against the amendment in the SC / Act Act is being seen in Madhya Pradesh including the country. In protest against the amendment made in the Act, 35 organizations have announced the closure of India. Given the closure, the maximum vigilance is going on in Madhya Pradesh. Section 144 has been imposed in 10 districts and high alert has been issued to 35 districts.

The new slogan of the upper castes in protest against the act
In Madhya Pradesh, the Upper House is completely opposed. Because of which he has given a new slogan. ‘Joshi, Advani in Sota, Atal Bihari Ji in Lota, in Job Promotion Quota, Votes will be in Note’.

High alert in 35 districts of Madhya Pradesh
Given the last violence in Madhya Pradesh, heavy security arrangements have been made. According to the state police, 35 districts of the state have been kept on high alert against the performance of the SC / ST Act.

Strong security arrangements
In order to safeguard 35 districts, 34 security forces and 5000 security personnel have been deployed here. Along with this, Section 144 has been imposed in 10 districts.

CM’s peace should not be seen by anyone: CM Shivraj
CM Shivraj has appealed to the public saying that Madhya Pradesh is the island of peace. This is the most praying, it is the most prayer. The peace of the state should not be seen by anyone, so increase the affinity and harmony. I am for everyone. Heart gate is open for every citizen of the state. You have the most prayers that work together and love. If there is anything then say calmly so that the law and order system of your state does not get spoiled.

Home Minister’s Appeal
Seeing the closure and alert, the state home minister Bhupinder Singh appealed to maintain peace and restraint. He said that the solution to every problem can be solved by peace and dialogue.

In these districts there are such situations …

The traders are also accompanying the Indo-Bharat bandh in Indore. There is a high alert in 35 districts of the division including Indore. Vacation has been declared in schools. Over 50 organizations in Indore have supported the shutdown. Business organizations including the Ahilya Chamber of Commerce are also involved in the shutdown. The administration has appealed the most peaceful closure.

Workers of Karani army in Bhopal reached the house of Home Minister Bhupendra Singh. These people tried to encircle the bungalow but the police explained them and sent them back.

Ashok Nagar
In Ashok Nagar, during the shutdown of India, the public tried to stop the train. A large number of people reached the tracks at Shadhora Railway Station. As soon as the news is received, the police force has reached the spot immediately. People are being removed from there.

Turned supporters in Rewa burned the tire on the road and blocked it.

The market is closed in Gwalior against the act and police is constantly flagging the flag to deal with any unpleasant situation. Given the security in the district, all the weapons licenses have been canceled, the drone camera is being monitored everywhere. In Gwalior-Chambal division, Malwa also continued to exhibit somewhere.

In Khargone, 30 organizations, including the Sapaksa, saw the widespread impact of the India band called for protesting the Atrocity Act. The tea-breakfast shops that opened in the morning were closed. At the same time, private school engineers declared a holiday with their respective levels in terms of safety and security.

In Tikamgarh, BJP leaders Prahlad Patel were shown black flags against the SC-ST Act. The SPACE activists showed black flags to Prahlad Patel during the BJP meeting.

The market is completely closed to protest against the Act in Bhind district. Police is posted everywhere. People put posters outside their shops, which are written on ‘I am from the general category, shops will be closed by my self-will’. Given the security, the police are keeping an eye on the allegations of petroling. At the same time, schools have been discharged in the district. Hundreds of youth from the upper echelons took out the rally and performed here.

Administration alert is taking place in Jabalpur. More than one thousand policemen have been deployed here. The rally will be held without permission and the general meeting will be held on. Lawful action will be taken against the riot victims.

The bar association in Guna has supported the shutdown. Police flagged the flag march in Guna, Morena

All government-non-government schools, colleges have been discharged in the district. Collector Shilpa Gupta has issued the order. Here the traders declared the market closure.

In Bandwani also got the effect of the shutdown. The markets are closed here and the vegetable market is completely closed.

The police are cautious about the closure of the district against the SCST Act. All the shops are closed There is also a rally in Sapaks.

The market is closed in protest against the amendment in the Act in the district. Private schools, government schools, establishments are all completely closed here.

What was the Supreme Court’s ruling in the SC-ST act?
While making changes in the SC-ST Act, the Supreme Court had said that cases will not be arrested immediately. No complaint will be registered immediately after receiving the complaint. The court had said that after getting the complaint, the DSP level police officers will investigate the matter and will get the result that according to the complaint,

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