Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Investigation Completed, Findings Submitted to Regulators

After a long and gruelling investigation, Samsung has reportedly ended its investigation to find out the root cause of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The South Korean manufacturer has submitted its findings to the Korea Testing Laboratory, UL (an American safety organisation), and other regulatory bodies.

The Investor reports that Samsung has completed its internal investigation and reported its findings to outside laboratories. The findings have not been made public (yet), nor has any media house got hold of it so far. The report has been pending for a long time, and one of the reasons for killing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 altogether was because the actual reason for all the explosions was not found.

Findings from third party investigators does suggest that because cramming many features into a small frame put a lot of pressure on the battery, leaving no room for it to expand either.

In a tale that is surely to go down in smartphone history, Samsung had to recall all of its Galaxy Note 7 units from the market because of unexplained explosions while on charge. There were several dangerous implications of these explosions as well – including a jeep set on fire, and a man who had to bear a huge hotel bill because of the sudden explosion in his room causing damages.

Samsung had bet big on the Galaxy Note 7 this year, and even launched it way ahead of its regular cycle, to fend off iPhone 7 competition. However, this early release backfired badly, and Samsung spent the rest of the year making amends. The company even had to delay its work on the Galaxy S8 to find the root cause of these explosions.

In any case, Samsung is looking to compensate for the damage by bringing unique feature on the Galaxy S8, scheduled for launch in February. Samsung is reportedly going to ditch the 3.5mm audio jack and the Home Button for its next flagship. The smartphone is expected to come with a selfie camera that can auto focus. Furthermore, it is tipped to sport 6GB of RAM and 256GB of inbuilt storage.

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