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Shivraj’s minister said that, for two years, the groom has been groomed, the scion is sitting

Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh minister Jayabhan Singh Pravaya is tensed on the challenge given to Shivraj Singh Chauhan of Scindia. He said that Scindia has been projecting himself the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh for two years, while leaving Chief Minister, he could not even become the state Congress President. What are they trying to challenge CM Chauhan? Jayabhan Singh Pyaaiya was speaking to journalists on Thursday in Bhopal.

“He has been sitting in the bridegroom for two years,” said Jyotiraditya Scindia, “she can become the headlines of her dialogue media, but she is not visible at the grassroots level.”

– In fact, for the past several days, there is a fitness challenge on the social media. But in Madhya Pradesh, this is not a fitness challenge, but the political challenge has increased. Jyotiraditya Scindia, President of Congress Parliamentary and Congress Election Campaign Committee, gave the challenge to go to the ministry and secretariat from bullock carriage to Chief Minister Shivraj. At the same time he had challenged the debate on any platform.

Continuous challenges to CM

Before this, Scindia had given seven challenges in the seven days to the Chief Minister, including issues such as roads, electricity, water, farmers and youth. Chief Minister Shivraj did not answer any of these challenges being given by Scindia, but Shivraj cabinet minister and state education minister Jaybhan Singh Pavaiya responded to Scindia’s challenges.

These are Scindia Challenge

The first challenge
Today, the leaders of the BJP are taking full interest in accepting the challenges. From my side, every day a challenge – Shivraj ji is passing the farmers in the corner and tears, let’s show the debt waiver applied!

Second challenge
– New day, new challenge – Shivraj Ji, read, write the government, give the job to our youth!

Third challenge
– Listen to Mother Goddess, protect women from two governments
Shivraj ji, I’m waiting for you to take a firm step on these topics!

The fourth challenge
– Give malnutrition, essential health facilities on innocent lives. Make MP fit.

Fifth challenge
– Will petrol-diesel hit the common citizen, will we bend the price rise, sir?

Sixth Challenge
– In the hospital, the innocent again lost their lives, keep the doctors clean, sir.

Seventh Challenge
– Students are facing problems due to lack of teachers, please concentrate on quality in schools.

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