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Shocking revelations: Pakistan, like IS, kidnaps Pashtun girls and turns them into sex slaves

New Delhi, Jan 14: On Saturday, a Pashtun activist alleged that the government of Pakistan has kidnapped hundreds of Pashtun girls and the captives have been turned into sex slaves.

Umar Daud Khattak, a Pashtun activist based in Afghanistan, told ANI, “Pakistan has kept hundreds of Pashtun girls in Lahore as sex slaves. The girls were kidnapped from Swat and Waziristan.”

The allegations levelled by the activist are of serious nature and the Nawaz Sharif-led government in the country is now answerable to the international community.

Khattak said that the Pakistan Army has bulldozed several of Pashtun houses, looted markets and raped their women. “It’s a catastrophe,” Khattak rued. According to a report by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees about five lakhs people from the area have fled to Afghanistan to escape atrocities meted by the Pakistan Army.

Khattak fears that Pakistan might use nuclear weapons against them. “Pakistan has misled Pashtuns enough, now we won’t be fooled. Pakistan wants to use the area for terror camps hence wants to evict us,” said the activist. Khattak also announced that he and his community members are forming an organisation– Pashtunistan Liberation Army–to start an armed struggle against Pakistan.

“This Pashtunistan Liberation Army will put an end to terror. We appeal to the global community to support us,” he added.

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