Sourav Ganguly denies being a frontrunner for BCCI president’s post, says ‘I don’t qualify’

Former Indian captain and Cricket Association of Bengal president Sourav Ganguly denied he’s a frontrunner to become the Board president after the latest turn of events at the BCCI.
Dismissing the suggestion that he was running for the post of BCCI president, Ganguly said at the CAB office: “My name is coming up unnecessarily. I don’t qualify. I have just completed one year (as the CAB president) and have got two more years left. I am not in the running (for the BCCI president’s post).”
Asked whether the CAB would implement the Lodha Committee’s reforms, Ganguly said that the association had no option but to obey the SC order.
“We are having an office-bearers’ meeting tomorrow (on Wednesday) where we will decide on the future,” he said.
The CAB has called a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the way forward.
The CAB chief said that even though several of the present officials would be ineligible to contest in the association’s polls, there would be others to fill the void.
Ganguly said that CAB would hold its Special General Meeting only after the conduct of the third ODI between India and England at the Eden Gardens on 22 January.

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