South Korea succumbs to Kim Jong-un’s sister Kim Yo Jong’s threats over ‘balloon protests’

South Korea bows to pressure asserted from Kim Jong-un’s sister on activists who fly anti-North Korea leaflets over the border using balloons. South Korea says it will introduce new laws to ban the protests in a desperate effort to keep its faltering diplomatic efforts alive, as per a report by The Daily Mail.

Activists and defectors have been known to use balloons to fly leaflets into into North Korea which criticise Kim over his nuclear ambitions and dismal human rights record.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong had threatened South Korea to take action against activists who flew anti-North Korea leaflets from the border.

In a statement released through state media, Kim Yo-jong called the defectors ‘mongrel dogs’ who had betrayed their homeland and said it was ‘time to bring their owners to account,’ referring to the government in Seoul.

She has threatened to end the military agreement and that the North could shut down a liaison office and factory site that have been major symbols of reconciliation between the two Koreas.

While, an official from Seoul´s presidential office was quoted by The Daily Mail as saying that the balloon launches do ‘all harm, no good’ and that the government will ‘sternly respond’ to activities threatening security.

Kim Yo-jong took a higher profile in North Korean affairs as part of her brother´s diplomatic efforts in 2018.

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