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Striking 108 ambulance staffs may be booked if any patient dies, warns state govt

Health services remained affected in Madhya Pradesh as employees of 108 ambulance service went on a strike since midnight after National Rural health Mission (NRHM) terminated contract of the GVKI, the company which operates 108 ambulances across the state for the last five years.
Shifting to aggressive stance against the strike, NRHM on Saturday warned striking employees that the staffer concerned could be booked under section 307 of IPC amounting to death caused intentionally if any patient dies for want of ambulance service.
Striking 108 ambulance staffs may be booked if any patient dies, warns state govt

The administration was in talks with the strikers who raised several demands including payment of their salaries and arrears immediately. The administration reportedly has sought time till Oct 6 for fulfilling demands with the assurance that their dues would be cleared without any delay.
The NRHM had terminated contract of GVKI on Sep 30 and has handed the fresh contract for emergency ambulance services to Jigitsa Healthcare. The state government though extended contract of the GVKI till Oct 20 but the employees are concerned about payments of this 20 days period.
The new company already has denied hiring any old employee.
After the strike hundreds of patients in Bhopal and elsewhere were hassled due to unavailability of ambulances till Saturday afternoon. Health officers said that only 10 to 15% 108 employees reported to work on Saturday, only for emergency healthcare services.

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