WhatsApp testing new ‘Status’ tab; lets you share photos like Instagram ‘Stories’ or Snapchat ‘Snaps’

WhatsApp is currently testing new interface with ‘Status’ updates tab to the interface after adding a ‘Camera’ tab to the interface along with Video Calling. ‘Status’ updates is not a new addition to WhatsApp and has long existed with the launch of WhatsApp in 2009. But this new addition will introduce sharing images with your contacts for a limited period, just like ‘Stories’ in Instagram and ‘Snaps’ in Snapchat.

On checking the new user interface, the new ‘Status’ tab will co-exist with the old ‘Status’ section in the Settings Menu. Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, seems to have introduced the ‘Snaps’ like functionality in all its products, right from Facebook Messenger’s ‘Messenger Day‘ to Instagram’s ‘Instagram Stories‘ to the new ‘Status’ tab in WhatsApp. Earlier the company introduced a Camera Tab to click photographs or record videos and send them to multiple people without leaving WhatsApp or going to individual chat and using the camera icon to the ‘Type a message’ area.

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