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When administration had to impose curfew in Bhopal for ‘Curfew Wali Mata’

Based in Somwara amid a busy market in the Old city of Bhopal, the ‘Curfew Wali Mata’ attracts thousands of devotees every day.
The name of the temple is inspired from an incident involving the local residents and the administration. The family that laid the foundation of the temples shares, “In early 1980s, the devotees used to worship the goddess on makeshift raised platform and it was in October 1982, the local samiti decided to establish a temple and laid the foundation of ‘Curfew wali Mata’s’ temple.
When administration had to impose curfew in Bhopal for ‘Curfew Wali Mata’
According to Mahesh Saini, “As the administration got the information about the temple construction, it took away the Goddesses Durga idol and kept it in the temple based at Sheetaldas Ki Bagia, besides Lowe Lake. The irate locals turned violent and demanded the idol back at its original place and the administration arrested the samiti members over the demonstration.”
As a preventive measure, curfew was imposed in the city by the administration.
The then chief minister late Arjun Singh denied talks over the issue and his mother who was also among the irate protestors went on a hunger strike which forced the administration to release the arrested samiti members.
Additionally, the administration also permitted locals to establish the idol. Finally the goddess Durga idol was established on Navdurga Panchami by Pt Uddhavdas Mehta. From then onwards, the goddess is known as Curfew Wali Mata.
Incidentally the temple also pays its income tax regularly. The temple priests make it a point to accept donations in excess of Rs 50 through cheque. From last fiscal, the temple trust has started paying income tax and perhaps this is the first such religious site in the city doing so.

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